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Our Story

Reno-70s Reno in the mines during the 1970s.

Collectors Corner managing director, Mr. Stavros Stiven Sideras, better known as Reno, established this relatively young company in 2010. It is a jewelry store that specializes in a comprehensive range of East Africa’s precious and exceptional gem minerals.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Reno entered the world of gemstones in the sixties as one of the pioneers of the then newly discovered Tanzanite.   During years of experience, father and son gradually moved from the mining sector into the manufacturing and distribution of gems and jewelry, through both the wholesale and retail channels.

despinaReno’s daughter, Despina Nicole Sideras, sharing her father’s and grandfather’s enthusiasm for gems, joined the business in the late 90s bringing with her qualifications of a fully-fledged gemologist. Based on Despina’s comprehensive academic achievements, as well as many decades of Reno’s hands-on expertise, we ensure quality customer service and confidence by offering gem testing, identification, certification and information services.

We welcome you to Collectors Corner which has been described as a true treasure trove where jewelry and color is our business and where one can enhance their world with exquisitely designed pieces.

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