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2708-beads-closeSpinel is famous for its deep, red variety that closely resembles a Ruby. Its hues range from bold rich reds to striking shades of pink and purple.

Throughout history ruby and Spinel have been considered the same gem. The foundation and provenance of ruby is ingrained into modern adornment, while Spinel has waited patiently for its rise.

In the 19th century, Spinel was finally distinguished from Ruby. It was found that even the famed Black Prince Ruby center piece in the royal crown of England is a Spinel, and not Ruby.

Spinel has exploded onto the gem radar over the last few years as one of the next great collectable gems.

Our collection also includes Tanzanite, Tsavorite, as well as Ruby, Tourmaline, Rhodolite, Sunstone and other fine colored gems.
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